Mag. Thomas Hofer


As an openminded and communicative person, helping people to implement their dreams and goals lies close to my heart. Born and raised in the 1970s in Vienna, I was interested in the topic of autosuggestion and the power of the subconscious from an early age on, inspired by the hypnosis practice of my father. I started my career in banking and finance at international groups – later on I went into business for myself in business- and finance consulting. Finally, a basic course on hypnosis and the renewed insight that the unconscious is our strongest ally in everything we aspire to do, brought me back to hypnosis – subsequently I completed the diploma – program on hypnosis. In the course of my training I myself was hypnotised several times and was able to gain new perspectives. As a certified hypnotist I successfully work with people who want to use the strength of their unconscious to positively change aspects of their life, be that through work on themselves, in their private or professional environment.

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